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Aggiornato il: 9 nov 2020

Update: Covid 19 and the associated restrictions have put a hold on testing. I will update again when progress is made.


We are currently working on the supply of an ATU package for the Dual Beam Pro/I-Pro Home.

Both the Dual Beam Pro and I-Pro Home use a non-resonant design that requires an external ATU for operation across the full range of bands. We did the initial testing with the LDG Z-II which is very good but over specified and quite expensive. This can be a significant downside for potential customers who don't already have a suitable external ATU.It is also a limitation for using the antennas on location.

There are a number of good lower cost ATUs on the market now and we are working with a supplier to match their ATU to our antennas and offer it as an option for a very attractive price.

Keep watching this page for further updates and a launch by the end of the year.

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