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Ottawa Canada

Just writing to say that I am delighted with the I-Pro-Traveller. Since receiving it (finally!!) I have taken it out on three POTA activations in the Ottawa area (attached photo shows the antenna deployed at POTA site VE-1621). I have been using it with my Elecraft KX2, paired with a Hardrock 50 amplifier, running CW at about 50 watts. Lots of contacts throughout North America, and also quite a few Europeans. In fact, I had a QSO with a guy in Finland who told me I was over 599. So far I have worked with the antenna on 17, 20, 30 and 40 meters, with nice low SWR and no ATU required. Assembly and dis-assembly are a breeze and the carry-bag is a great touch. My only very small complaint is that the spring-loaded pins that hold the tube sections in place are a little dodgy -- often difficult to snap in and snap out. But I am very happy with this antenna. Portable has never been so much fun!

Daniel DJ8PA

Schönebeck, Germany

Hi ProAntennas Team,

I wanted to say Thank You!

Nice, Neighborhood Friendly Beam…

Works fine for me, as a Operator only with a "little Pistol“


Pennsylvania, USA

I am very happy with my purchase of an I-Pro Traveller.  The stations from my QTH, that I could not hear and/or talk to before, I was able to with this antenna, both within US and DX.  The antenna build quality is very good and solid.  Not flimsy at all. 

Most notable is the support. I set this up on the weekend and I had a question so I emailed support with my question, anticipating reply back on Monday.  To my surprise, I received a response promptly and that too on a weekend.  Very rare but refreshing. 

All in all, very good antenna and good support.

Paul M6CCP

Shoreham-on-sea, UK

I purchased a Dual Beam Pro antenna from Pro Antennas in November as I had sold my original one a few years ago. I needed it by the weekend and the owner said he would deliver it for me as he is about 50 miles from me. The antenna performs great and the after sales service is second to none. I have contacted Tony on several occasions and he is always really helpful with tech info.


Somerset, UK

Just a quick update regarding the performance of my newly installed Dual Beam Pro. First chance to use it today and very encouraged with the results so far. I had QSO's into: USA - West coast mainly. FLORIDA, MALTA, BELARUS, BELGIUM, POLAND, BOSNIA and UK stations including Scotland/Orkneys which should not be working so well given the direction it is fitted.

That was in about 2 hours before the band(s) went dead. Mostly on 20 Mtrs but 40 Mtrs also. All good radio reports of 57-59 This is using a fixed direction of North-South no Rotator yet! Location is on the side of the Gable end about 35ft up as you can see from the photo. Some QSO's were compared at the time to my Long Wire and G-Whip antennas and on almost all occasions the signal was stronger on the Dual Beam Pro with less noise - such a blessing.

I installed with 30 Mtrs of 213 and decent quality 259's as you suggested and I am well pleased. Early days yet but very happy so far. Great product and a lot of friends who have used one, or know someone who has been saying how good they are.

Ross 2E0UGE

Bristol, UK

I bought a Dual Beam Pro last week and installed it last night in my garden on a telescopic mast.

Just wanted to say how happy I am with it, I was using an HF vertical before buying your antenna and WOW what a difference. I live in Bristol, last night Canada, Puerto Rico and Indonesia coming through on 20 meters. The HF vertical couldn't hear any of them at all.

Very impressive antenna, I am in a small garden and my neighbours are problematic so a full sized beam on a lattice mast isn’t possible, but this antenna has really opened the bands up for me.

Neil M6CUE

Hungerford, UK

Had the I Pro Traveller out today, got a swr of 1.5:1 (now it's put up correctly) on 40m, had a qso with PA5HR Bert in the Netherlands, 361 miles (give or take an inch), band not great but got a constant 5/5 from him. Good going, great antenna, not to mention the excellent service, money well spent, will be recommending it to all who wish to go portable.

David M6IYH

Hartlepool, UK

Just to let you know that the Dual Beam Pro arrived safe and sound and it is now assembled and on the roof, beaming west to east.

The instructions booklet was easy to understand and had it assembled in just over an hour (with tea breaks). The performance is excellent, much reduced noise levels, distant stations in Asia, South and North America came in loud and clear and although only a foundation level operator – now studying for my intermediate level – I did manage to work Bulgaria, Cyprus both 4/6; which I think for 10 watts is quite good.

Well recommended, I have even got the Chairman to think about buying one for the club.

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